Words to agent: 15,840

200 isn’t 800, but it’s more than zero. I’ll aim to write this evening and try to hit 16,640. Good intentions.

School’s starting. I’ll need to watch this week and make certain that I don’t become dedicated to getting people up and moving instead of writing.


Words to agent: 13,686

I’ve been writing, and making decent numbers of words each day, but they’ve all been revising other words. I seem to feel that I can’t go on until I’ve gotten some more set-up done.

I appear to be on the verge of the protagonist’s inevitable spiral into hell. I guess that the motivations for everyone’s behavior are fairly important to me.


Words to agent: 11,688

I do not, today, feel like an imposter. I was mildly high, chipper, and talkative on the way to work. I appear to be back in my “slot”, and moving well.

:relieved sigh:


I’m having some issues. I think I’ve turned everything I do into a duty, again. I may deliberately take some mornings off to stop that shit. I don’t know yet.

I do know that if I’m not having fun, I’ll stop, and I don’t want to stop. I generally have fun with this stuff.

Balance. Balance is important.

Well. Off to the million little things that I have to do today. Dutydutyduty calls.