Reminding myself

  • Exploding Cats are not writing.  They are an occasional perk of writing regularly.
  • I chose to write to The First Line prompt not with the intention of performing a writing miracle during the middle of the work week, but with the intention of continuing forward motion.  If I miss deadline but finish a story, it will sell elsewhere (after their issue comes out).
  • I am not going to perform heroics, bludgeoning my way through midweek brain death on sheer will.
  • The point of this was to break those habits of thought.

*reads all that*

Yup.  That’s all true.  Good.

I’ve two hundred words.  I will not say things like ‘paltry sum’.  I will instead go add to them.

Good boy.

Edit:  More words.  Good boy.  I get ice cream.

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Dinner with Cera & Ken was lovely.  Cera and I have been entirely failing to have time to talk for about a decade, so that was nice, and we knew each other when I was crucifying myself to demonstrate heroic love for someone that didn’t appreciate or believe it and she was having difficulties of her own.  We agree that we are both astonishingly more stable and happy now, and blame a large part of that one Ken & Shannon.  Love feast all around.

Of feasts:  the food was OMG!!!11!BBQ!!111BVDs good.  I had wild boar nachos, Shannon’s carne asada and tequilas (one of which was amazing) and bites of Cera’s tongue (the meat on her plate was tongue, you pervs) (dammit), all of which were extraordinary.

So, good.

Today I was cruising the intarwebs looking for a suitable writing prompt –

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