The Next Step

The boy’s PO called back yesterday.

He has seen the police report for the weekend’s festivities, and, based on that and on my discussion with him, is going to

1. chat with Zelda on the happenings, citing the police report as his source and
2. complete his mandatory filing with children’s services.

All good. #1 might provoke a change in the household, and #2 will begin a paper trail that may require a change in the household. In light of #2 I asked the PO the phone number, and called children’s services myself. Two reports.

My focus is not “getting Othello to live with me.” It is not to remove him from his mother. It is to have Othello and Stepfather NOT living together. Why not get him down with me? Because Othello is doing extraordinarily well in school, and appears to have taken command of his life; if he wishes to stay in Corvallis, he is earning the right to make that decision by not letting his mother and stepdad to interfere with his success.

I don’t have to like that, but there it is.

Now it’s just a matter of filing reports and waiting, and filing reports, and waiting, and filing reports….

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