Wearin’ Out Them Bells

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Cinderella called me last night; Zelda is getting married and moving to Tennessee with her new beau. I believe that the expected nuptial date is end of March or beginning of April.

Othello will be, Cinderella was told, given the option to move to Tennessee or Medford, and will be finishing out his school year living in the house he is in now. Alone for several months.

Ahem. No.

No court battle is needed for this one; if he is left alone, I’ll just drive up and get him. No matter how you slice it up, that would be abandonment or neglect; 16 year olds are not suitable for living alone.


I find I am not getting to wrought up, here. Nothing is called for from me but to be available for the kids, and Zelda has never, ever made a plan that didn’t change by the end of the week. ‘Sides, I’m not certain she’s divorced yet. [shrugs] One crisis at a time.

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    1. Okay. The strata of husbands is important.

      In order, it went:

      We meet Sarge in the Army, in Kentucky
      Me moved out
      Me divorced
      Nobody for four months
      Various intimate encounters with on-line dates
      Methhead the spouse
      Sarge makes contact
      Zelda becomes teenager-in-love with Sarge (Cinderella’s description)
      Methhead the impending divorcee, moves out
      Sarge visits Zelda two weeks later
      Zelda visits Tennessee (where Sarge is)two weeks ago
      Zelda returns, waits a week, and reveals to Cinderella that she (Zelda) is engaged

      And we’re current. I have no information about her marital status at this time. Sarge does not appear, to Cinderella’s eye, to be a user, although she allows as he could be a domestic beater. She is not optimistic about this mating.

      I have been chatting with Othello, and he has not mentioned any developments. I do not know if he knows, as yet. Being Othello, he might just be doing his Oz imitation. I’ve asked Othello to come visit and help me with the greenhouse next weekend, both to give him some space, give him exposure to people who are glad he’s there and talk to him, and to give him opportunity to talk about whatever has developed in the next ten days.

    1. Yes, exactly. Abandoned, again. Cinderella tells me that he is pretty much alone when Zelda is home; Zelda is on the phone to Sarge for hours daily, and pretty much leaves Othello alone.

      He won’t be much alone-r than he is now; he will just have it graphically shown that he is alone. He’s hurting; he’s been retiring into his shell, talking less, less inclined to play — not just with me, but Cinderella and others.

      I find that I hope that Zelda does blow town, which will take the matter out of Othello’s hands; he’ll come here. And I hope that she stays and pays attention to him, shows him that his mother isn’t going to walk out and leave him alone.

      Glah, indeed.

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