Sunday I rose early (at behest of the dog, who felt there were things that needed sniffing outside) and puttered about for a bit. I made coffee and drank it, made some biscuits and ate them. I read for a bit. Finally, I decided that the highest priority for the day was either fixing the truck or determining beyond doubt that it was beyond my abilities to fix.

[I write easily and well, and have a clear vision of what I need to write in my novel.]

Full of coffee and biscuits, I was cocky. I wrote a note for Bridgette: “There are biscuits warm in the oven for you. I have gone to the shop, where I am creating a sudden and breathtaking miracle of automotive repair.”

And then I did. All within 90 minutes, I found corrosion that was making things stick, I found three levers on the carb that were bent, found one mechanical connection that was rubbing against a housing (no, I didn’t cause any of these; I carefully preserved the bends and rubs as I had found them, when I worked on the carb)…I corrected all of these things as I came across them, checking the factory manual and moving with slow method.

And it worked. Vroom.

We took the truck for a test drive to the dump (where, I had decided, if it broke down I could just pay the fee and leave it), ditched a cubic yard of garbage, and came home.

I am utterly astonished. I wrought a sudden and breathtaking miracle. Huh. I shall begin talking myself up more frequently, to see what happens.

[I write easily and well, and have a clear vision of what I need to write in my novel.]

And oddity: the landfill transfer point used to have a shack where you paid a fee, then drove around to a large building where you dumped your rubbish and it was carted off to the landfill. The shack is now boarded up, and a new one in a better location is serving the same function. Four car lengths back from the shack is a speaker-microphone, as seen at drive-throughs everywhere, and a board showing the prices for dumping household trash, dumping compacted trash, buying compost, buying key lime pie, buying mocha —


The dump transfer station sells elegant desserts and espresso drinks, along with a few other items.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, uhm, one yard of household garbage, a mango smoothie and a pina colada smoothie.”

“That will be $19.67, pull around to the rear window.”

[I write easily and well, and have a clear vision of what I need to write in my novel.]

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        1. Can. Won’t. Too overscheduled as it is. However:


          Graham cracker crust
          1 tub Cool Whip
          1 pkg frozen lime juice concentrate
          1 lime (key or otherwise)

          Thaw concentrate. Mix with Cool Whip. Scoop into crust, making attractive ripples. Freeze 1 hour, garnish with thinly sliced limes, return to freezer for another hour or until set.


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