I am getting sleepy

This year, I have been moving in a direction I haven’t before. Instead of figuring out why I am behaving in ways that displease me, and trying to dig out the root cause before repairing all the damage done by my ill behavior … I’m concentrating more on just screwing the whole “why” (to some degree) and moving on to the “how”. Instead of determing just how Original Sin led inevitably to my deep-seated need to twist Oreo cookies apart only in the clockwise direction, and then removing Original Sin before fixing all of the cookies that I broke over the years, I’m just dealing with the cookies currently on my plate.

If you follow me, there. Not my most stunning anology.

Anyway; thus, the retreating from reality to write, thus the visit to the zendo, thus a bunch of stuff. Screw the “why”, screw the mess I’ve made in the past, just deal with how I’m going to succeed meaningfully today.

Fine. Glad you’re all with me. [looks around for his point] Ah.

I was thinking about the myriad things that work for me in some aspect, that make me happier, deal better, feel better, heal better, pick your own rhyme. Yoga, running, reading, writing, sex, the zendo, isolation. If I were to characterize the common trait in all of those (and I did), I would characterize them all as extremely focussed practices, all relaxed practices, all practices that require all the side-voices to fade and concentration to maximize. I went poking about, trying to find something that fit that bill in its purest form.


Hrm. Do I want to be turned into a chicken?

(as it happens, I do not) In further poking, I found a program called Vitual Hypnotist, which takes text and manufactures a voice to read scripts that I can write myself. I played with it a bit, and discovered that I very, very readily enter a trance state. I imagine that it has something to do with my prediliction for trance-like activities, or for the trance-like portions of those activities. Practice does enhance one’s ability to enter altered states.

So. Hypnotically self-programming. Neat.

I fiddled a bit with some of the pre-packaged scripts that came with the program, and did, in fact, turn myself into a chicken. Well, not a chicken, but definately reprogramed myself in a way that I didn’t expect to take, and found myself enjoying enormously. I shall just leave it at that, rather than tromp all over the readership’s sensibilities.

…except to say that it was quite fun. Makes me want to do it again. And again. But that’s a different post.

So. That’s my latest tool, my latest toy. And, it’s working in various ways I didn’t anticipate.

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