Critique Wanted

Title: Sight Unseen
Length: 1,100 words

romance with psychological horror elements

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10 thoughts on “Critique Wanted”

    1. Then I shall keep you on the filter, and there will be other stories. Sweat it not, oh beloved coyote.

      Your life has been sort of high-intensity of late; I would be astonished if you had free time to commit. 🙂

  1. send ‘er my way.. might get some time today:

    – I’m guessing you screened my previous reply too. 😀 … I also am going to be looking to send something off to a publisher in the fall. I like your style of writing, and personally I think you’ve got talent. (I don’t say that often). Anyway, I might ask one day for a return of the favor. If I can get off my arse and edit “Driven” – the 1st novel I wrote/finished and can’t seem to edit. As I mentioned I tend to be blunt, but won’t say: “I wouldn’t buy
    this”…. that’s not much help if you are serious about your work. I’m much more likely to say: Not sure about X. Can you clarify? Sentences too long. Confused here. Who is speaking? what’s the motivation? Can you expand this section. I’d like to see more/less in this. blah blah. you get the point. 😀


    1. Perfect, all the way through.

      In fact, returning the favor would be a pleasure; the reason I looked for you was that I enjoy your style of writing, and think that you’ve talent. (This meeting of the mutual admiration society is called to order….)

      So send it along. 🙂

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