The truck runs. I have driven it to the dump and dropped a load of garbage there. It needs more work; for instance, it would be nice if the brakes worked next time I drive it.

I am working, frequently, through breaks and lunches.

I received a ticket this morning for driving past a pedestrian who stepped off the curb while I did so. $242. There is nothing to contest; if the pedestrian steps off the curb, I am culpable and without defense by the laws of Medford.

Michael still has no job. He claims to have been looking for over 2 months, but frequently does so in torn jeans and cleverly sloganned t-shirts; “Buy your soul for a cookie?” and “I’m the teenaged girl you had cybersex with last night” are not conducive to winning over prospective employers. I can’t tell if he doesn’t want a job, doesn’t care, or believes that he is trying.

Michael registers for college this week. I am likely to be tapped for this, which means that I can spend the grocery money on him (no) or that he will be going 1/4 time or less. Or I can decide his registration isn’t my problem, and he will likely go limp until I kick him out, after which he will be even less likely to go to school. No good choices there.

I have spoken explicitely with Michael. I will begin charging him rent in October; $200 if he is a student, $500 if he is not. We went over the bills of the household together, and discussed his probable bills over the next year. He doesn’t like it, but recognizes that he is still getting a better deal from me than elsewhere. My motive: I want him in college, and progressing.

I have planned with Shannon. Come October 15, if Michael is not employed, I will discuss his options with him. He can find a nice apartment somewhere. He can move in with The Clan (his grandmother). He can convince someone to pay off his legal debts and move in with his mother in Tennessee. Or he can get a job and have his rent paid appropriately. By that time he will have been job hunting for four months.

I wrote an entire page of novel this week.

I’m getting very tired.

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