Our hero’s eyes become all of one color, that being green with a faint spark of yellow at their centers, and in a voice that is perfectly clear and somehow faint and far away says: “There is a change in the flow of the tides of Life. Not a riptide, but a tidal wave. Not merely an abrupt current-flow but something that may change in a moment the shores against which the waves break, moving the currents to different paths forever.”

He taps the ground sharply twice with his silver-headed cane, smiling. “Surf’s up.”

This, because I haven’t the time to talk, but wanted a place-holder to remind me what I wanted to say. And because it will amuse Ed, who will recognize the reference.

4 thoughts on “Pastiche”

  1. Time will tell how it works as a place-holder, but it amused me. But it also filled me with foreboding. I’m pretty complacient now. I think you are due for a change.

    The best part is where the eyes “all of one color” are green and yellow.

    Set doesn’t get good lines because he’s too lazy/unmotivated to compose them. Or maybe because some actions speak louder than words.

    1. He doesn’t get the good lines, true…but Vraiman doesn’t get the fun actions.

      Except for necking with Isis. A redhead, you will note.

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