The Toad Is Magic

Thank you, ambar. Thank you, Lisa.

I phoned my web host today and explained my situation; did they have any (small words, short phrases) documentation or instructions I could use, or could they guide my hand a bit? They didn’t, but they could, and they —

— found that I was experiencing what they called “an already known and fairly common problem” the host is experiencing. Does that mean there is a work-around? Well…no. But someone is working on it.


Would someone? Since it isn’t just me?

The techie agreed to go kick an engineer and see that a trouble call was begun. I offered, if it seemed that this would take a while, to change hosting facilities. “No,” the techie said, “just call us every 24 to 48 hours and they’ll get it fixed. Nagging works.”

Ah, professionalism.

Clearly, I shouldn’t have been threatening the toad last night. There are far better unsavory creatures out there who deserve it more.

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